What Kind of Motorcycle Insurance Is Required?

As a motorcycle owner, there are different laws and rules you have to understand. When it comes to insurance, do you know what is required of you? Are there different types of motorcycle insurance you may want to consider? The following should give you some ideas to think about.


Just like your car insurance policy, liability is the only type of insurance required for motorcycles in most states. Liability is a protection to third parties involved in a crash that you were at fault for. Damages and injuries are covered for those individuals and their vehicles, while you are left without any coverage for yourself.


Aside from your deductible, collision insurance pays out for motorcycle damage following an accident. It specifically covers damage to your bike, so you would need additional coverage to pay for any injuries. This type of insurance does not cover third parties.

Social, Domestic and Pleasure

This type of insurance coverage is a way to indicate to your insurer how your motorcycle is used. If you’re on your way to a picnic and get in an accident, it would be covered. If you’re on your way to work, however, you wouldn’t receive coverage. In order to receive coverage while on your way to work, you would need to add “Commuting” to this indication.


Comprehensive coverage is for situations in which your motorcycle is damaged in ways other than an auto collision. This includes collisions with animals, power poles, buildings and more. You will typically still have to pay a deductible. This type of insurance also offers coverage if your bike is stolen or vandalized.

Personal Injury

Not every state allows personal injury protection because of the high risk of accidents for motorcycles, but in states that do, this covers medical bills when you are injured. It also covers the medical bills for passengers and pedestrians.


If someone rides behind you as a passenger on your bike, he or she is riding pillion. Your typical insurance policy will not cover your own passengers, so you would need to add pillion cover to your policy if you regularly take passengers.

Contacting a Lawyer

If you ride a motorcycle, there are some insurance options you may want to carefully consider. Whether you need help determining which type is your best bet or you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident and need assistance dealing with the insurance company, contact a lawyer today. With a motorcycle accident attorney on your side, you may be better equipped to handle the backlash of your accident.

Source: Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Indianapolis, IN, Ward & Ward Law Firm

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