What If the Other Driver Claims You Are at Fault?

What If the Other Driver Claims You Are at Fault?

Whether you have been in an accident recently or you just want to be prepared in case one happens in the future, you probably have a lot of questions about what to do after an accident. In particular, a lot of people wonder about what to do if the other driver claims they are at fault. This is actually a much simpler matter than it may seem. This short guide will explain what to do if the other driver tries to make this claim.

If the Other Driver Blames You

One of the most basic recommendations for what to do after an accident is not to discuss fault at all. It simply is not important at the time of the accident. Instead, both drivers should have their safety as their number one concern. If the other driver tries to discuss fault before you are certain that you are healthy and safe, simply ignore him or her. Instead, evaluate whether you are injured and call 911 if you discover that you are.

Even after your safety is no longer a concern, you still should not discuss fault. You only need to exchange contact information and insurance information. If the other driver insists on discussing fault, do not engage in the conversation at all. If the case ends up going to court, the things you say may come back to bite you. In particular, it is important never to admit that you were at fault, even if you honestly believe that you were.

If the Other Driver Refuses To Cooperate

If the other driver refuses to give you his or her contact and insurance information, then you should not worry. The law required both parties to willingly give this information after an accident. In fact, leaving the scene of an accident without giving this information is considered a hit-and-run. If this happens, try your best to get the other driver’s license plate number. If you cannot get this number, remember the make, model, and color of the car. Give this information to your insurance provider. If the other driver leaves, you will almost certainly win any court cases against him or her.

Also, if the other driver is being unreasonable or uncooperative, you should call the police. The presence of a police officer can make the whole situation go much smoother. No matter what, you should always contact the police within 24 hours of the accident so an accident report can be filed. If you suspect the case may go to trial, contact a lawyer immediately.

Source: Car Accident Lawyer Central Phoenix, AZ, Kamper Estrada, LLP

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