Whether you are going through a divorce or focusing on child custody after a divorce, it is going to be essential that you have a divorce lawyer that you can trust. You need a lawyer who is experienced in family law, and you want someone who will work hard for you while ethically representing your interests. Out of the 1.34 million lawyers in the United States, not all of them are good. If you need a good lawyer, especially for something as delicate as family law, reach out to a divorce custody lawyer and make sure you have hired a good one by looking out for the following signs…

Does your lawyer reply to your calls extremely late, or are they making crucial decisions without your opinions on it? If this is true, then you most likely hired the wrong lawyer for your case. Not every family is going to want a lawyer that runs everything by them, but if that is something you want, you definitely do not want a lawyer who is doing things without consulting you. Make sure you catch these red flags early (if it applies to you and your case) and hire a new divorce lawyer.

Lack of Communication

If you cannot get a response from your lawyer, even after you have called them many times, or messaged and emailled them many times, that is extremely bad. Lawyers may be busy, and may have other cases, but they need to be putting their clients first. You should always make sure to ask questions about your case before you a hire a lawyer, and a reasonable lawyer should always communicate what is going on with your case, always answer your questions, and should have a preferred form of communication that you should be made aware of. 

Fee Arrangement Is Not Clear

When you are hiring a lawyer make sure you get a lawyer with predictable fees that are in writing before you hire this lawyer. This saves you time later from worrying about if you can afford a lawyer or how much they cost. Most lawyers are going to offer a free consultation to assure you are comfortable working with them. If a lawyer does not offer free   then perhaps you should not work without a lawyer. If you notice that these do not seem accurate, be aware of it and beware. This is a clear sign that you’re hiring the wrong lawyer for your case. Before hiring a lawyer you should guesstimate for at least three different lawyers before making any decision in regards to hiring a lawyer and what your lawyer charges should be in line with what other lawyers in your area are saying they would charge.

If your lawyer has an unenthusiastic attitude…

A lawyer who is constantly getting upset or complaining about me working with you on your case. This is because family is extremely focused on the details, those details can make or break a case.