Various title defects can threaten your right to ownership of a home. That is why it is critical to conduct a thorough title search before closing on a property. A title company can assist with this. Here are some common title problems you should be aware of.

Unknown Liens

If the previous owner of the home has debt that was not paid, the lender may put a lien on the property. Even if the house is now yours, you will be solely responsible for the debt, not the previous owner. Whether the lien is due to unpaid taxes or home improvement services, you may be on the hook for thousands of dollars.

Title Forgeries

Unfortunately, the world is filled with some dishonest people. Some people may choose to forge titles on homes. If the title to your home has been forged, it could threaten your ownership of that home.

Unknown Easements

Unknown easements are another common title defect that some new homeowners have to deal with. If an easement is found, it could give other people the right to use the land your home is on. It might also keep you from using your land the way you want.

Undiscovered Will

If a person dies without a will, the state may sell his or her home. Believe it or not, there is always a chance that the deceased person’s will may get discovered several years later. If this happens, your right to the property will be jeopardized. 

Missing Heirs

After a person dies, his or her home may now belong to heirs. However, if there are no known heirs at the time of death, the state may decide to put the home up for sale. Believe it or not, missing heirs can show up years after a home has been purchased by someone else. If this occurs, it can jeopardize your rights to a property.

Clerical Mistakes

Title problems can also result from human error. If someone makes a clerical error during the closing process, it could cause you financial strain later on.

In addition to a title search, purchasing title insurance can provide financial protection against title defects. Contact a reputable title company for more details about this insurance.