Tax Audit Lawyer

A tax audit conducted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be a stressful experience. You might be wondering what exactly to expect during this process. Though it is worrying, you should remain calm and remember that you can go through the experience smoothly if you follow instructions carefully and avoid making errors. Most taxpayers are selected for an audit because of a simple misunderstanding or small mistake that they made while filing their taxes. If you have a skilled IRS tax audit lawyer by your side, like one from Crepeau Mourges, to assist you throughout the entire process, you are much more likely to come out of it with no problem. 

There Are Three Types of Audits

Depending on your circumstances, you will be going through one of three main types of tax audits. They are correspondence audits, office audits and field audits. The audit that usually takes the longest of the three is the field audit, which may last longer than one day. Most people who are audited go through a correspondence audit, which is not completed in-person.

You Will be Asked About Your Taxes

An audit consists of several questions regarding your tax return. It may or may not involve an interview, depending on the type of audit you are going through. To prepare for the audit, review your financial information as stated in your documents before the audit. Make sure you can answer basic questions about your return and how you filed them. Any inconsistencies in your answers may weaken your defense, so if you need help with answering questions, reach out to a tax audit lawyer. 

Contact an Experienced Tax Audit Lawyer

When you meet with a trusted and experienced lawyer, they will examine your case, evaluate your records and identify areas that include mistakes that may have triggered the audit. You will go over legal strategies you can use to build an effective and compelling defense. The tax audit lawyer will provide you with additional steps and advice so you are ready for your audit, as well as suggest a plan in case any further issues arise. 

Receive Legal Assistance Now

Tax audits can be complex, sending you into panic mode. Thankfully, with the right legal guidance you will have the adequate preparation you need to successfully navigate the experience. Taking the right steps is key so that you avoid careless mistakes. Contact a tax audit lawyer now for help.