Car Accident Lawyer White Plains, NY

If you have just been in a car accident you might hinder your friends and family for advice because perhaps they have more experience with car accidents and think they can tell you what to do. This is not harmful but crowdsourcing advice can lead you to learning myths about car accidents and insurance claims. You should always talk to experienced car accident lawyers such as the ones available at Greenspan and Greenspan PC to ensure that you are getting the correct information and know what your case is going to look like as you go through the process of filing.

There are many myths surrounding car accidents, and any one of them could even cause you to lose compensation for your injury. So let’s talk about some of the most common myths you might hear about car accidents.

Car accident laws are the same in every single state in the United States.

This is a myth because the laws in each state differ. From the statute of limitations which is set some time for you to file your case to determine fault, most states have their own laws regarding accidents and are going to depend heavily on where you live and what the state you had the accident in is. An example is, Tennessee allows car accidents to follow a fault system for insurance coverage to assess if the other driver is liable for the cost of injuries and damages after crash; but the comparative negligence law here also determines what kind of compensation can be awarded and how much. Not every state does it this way, but essentially if you are found to be at fault in a state that does comparative negligence, your compensation award would be lowered at the amount you are at fault for. It’s best to know your state’s laws regarding car accidents and you can learn more about state laws by talking to your car accident lawyer.

It’s better to let insurance companies work it out and hire a car accident lawyer.

Insurance companies provide payments on time of need, and this can cause people to forget that insurance companies are businesses and they are indeed driven by profit. And you might be wondering how your insurance company makes a profit when it is constantly handing out money to people. And the answer is, your insurance company will put itself first. They are not going to want to give you money unless you work for it, and make them give it to you. It is always responsible to hire a car accident lawyer, to ensure that your insurance company does not find ways to deny claims or pay you as little as possible. It is important to understand the insurance adjusters are not your friends, these agents are actually paid to find ways that they can deny your claim.

Talk to your car accident lawyer today if you believe that an insurance adjuster is wrongfully denying the car accident claim.